Candidates file for local races by Monday’s deadline

2024 will be a big year in electoral politics, not just on the federal level, but on the state and local level as well, with candidates having filed all of their declarations now that the deadline for filing in the June primary is over.

In Hill County, not many positions are up and only one race is contented.

One seat on the Hill County Commission, held by Mark Peterson, is up for grabs this year and its current occupant is no longer eligible to run for it, having had to move out of his district due to a house fire years ago.

Two candidates have filed for the position, including Bill Lanier, running as a Democrat, and Samuel Ayres, running as a Libertarian.

Read the entire article in the Havre Daily News: https://www.havredailynews.com/story/2024/03/12/local/candidates-file-for-local-races-by-mondays-deadline/545074.html

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