KRTV Appearance – Water quality issues addressed at Havre meeting

A standing-room-only crowd flooded the Havre City Council meeting last night on May 6, clamoring for answers regarding the ongoing water contamination issue. Amidst a chorus of frustration, I challenged council members on their response, emphasizing the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for action. I confronted the council about their attitudes towards the crisis, highlighting the disparity between their stance and the county’s proactive measures. As they dismissed the severity of the situation, Havre residents and I underscored the impact on the residents’ daily lives, asserting that immediate action is paramount to prevent further hardship.

Following the meeting, I shared my insights with KRTV Great Falls, shedding light on the community’s concerns and demands. Read the full article and watch the KRTV news segment for a comprehensive overview of the water crisis and citizens’ impassioned plea for accountability.

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